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Academic Senate - Full-Time Area Assignments (listed below)

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Academic Senate Office: Center For Institutional Excellence (BLDG 10), EXT. 2821


Science Building Liberal Arts Advanced Technology Center
Butros, Michael *AREA REP Ath, Yontha Adell, Tim *AREA REP
Burnett, Jane Bozonelos, Dino Becker, Barbara
Cerreto, Richard *AREA REP Davis, Tracy Campbell, Bryce *AREA REP
Doan, Mary Lynn Dupree, David Cole, DeeDee
DuBal, Nichole Ellis, Lisa Francev, Peter **REP AT LARGE
Gibbs, David **REP AT LARGE Flome, Robert Franco, Mo
Gibbs, Jessica*** Franklin, Nathan Niehus, Monika
Harvey, Lisa Garcia, April Ngobi, Said
Jalota, Naveen Glebe, Andrea Pendleton, Joe
Jennings, Patricia Golder, Patty *AREA REP Redona, Jeff
Kaiser, Hinrich Mauch, Pat Ruiz, Maria
Kennedy, T.J. Solis, Judy Smith, Mike
Mayer, Eric Tashima, Gene Vila, Martha
Mecklenburg, Trinity Tomlin, Karen *AREA REP Visser, Sandy
Melkonian, Arda Vecchio, Daniel Wagenhoffer, Joshua
Moore, Adam Viehweg, Jarom Wagner, Patricia
Ridge, Jeff   Weis, Anh
Schellhous, Thomas    
Toner, Stephen***    


Vocational Library and Counseling Allied Health
Bennett, Lee *** Alstadt, Carey *AREA REP Cegielski, Sandra
Bonato, Anthony *AREA REP Beach, Kelley Luna, Starlie
Coultas, Steven Clark, Tamala Garcia, Diego
Kuhns, Troy Contreras, Fernando Haines, Michael *AREA REP
Nelle, Steve Dorn, Lorena Longoria, Renate
Ohshita, Christopher Duarte, Sean Portillo, Silvia
Oliver, Claude*** Dube-Price, Melanie Marin, Traci
Rowland, Dan Franco, Lilia Speakman, Jeanine *AREA REP
Rubayi, Khalid Gaytan, Manuel Thibeault, Sally
Shaner, Keith Huiner, Leslie*** Trudeau, Lois
Slade, Neville Insley, Lyman Truelove, Terry
  James, Pamela  
  Johnson, Eartha  
  McCracken, Mike *AREA REP  
  Ochoa, Lorena  
  Pierce, Sherri  
  Record, Manika  
  Reed, Yvonne  
  Stahlke, Jacqueline  
  Wollan, Diane  


Performing Arts Center Academic Commons Kinesiology
Augustine, Jackie Burg, Ed *AREA REP Blanchard, Debby *AREA REP
Foster, Frank Cass, Reiji Guardado, Lynn
Fowlie, Jennifer Grover, Chris Hoover, David
Graham, David Hollomon, David Victor, Bruce
Heaberlin, Ed *AREA REP Moon, Odell White, Christa
Jones, Greg Thomas, Shane  
Miskell, Karen Tonning, Paul  
Ripley, Richard Young, Henry  
Taylor, Shuron    


Public Safety Training Center Adjunct Faculty Legend:
Cohen, Heath Akers, Glenn *AREA REP * = Area Rep
Hendrickson, Brian Jefferies, Leontine *AREA REP ** = Rep At Large
Jones, Scott *AREA REP Reveron, Rosyli *AREA REP *** = Executive Officer
Oleson, David    
Padgett, Rand    

Last Updated 5/12/17